IKEA Table Build with U-Shape Legs

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Tape measure
  • 2 – U-Shape Table & Bench Legs, in desired height and finish (we used 28" x 14" in white)
  • 1 – Tabletop
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Drill/driver and bit
  • Pencil
  • 16 – Screws (we used hex head screws)

Jamie Emmanuelli

Jamie Emmanuelli

Jamie Emmanuelli is the Creative Project Manager as Semi Exact. In her down time she spends it with her family and clay! "As a maker and creator, I love to get my hands on raw materials like metal, wood and clay. Semi Exact lets me indulge in these sorts of projects. Each project has its own soul and spirit. I can take a project wherever I want and it will still have a timeless quality. 

Another thing I love is the builds are great for almost any skill level. I can keep things simple while building with the family, or go all out on a more sophisticated build when I have more time to myself. Semi Exact will have the right pieces to make it all come together."

On the DIY challenge meter, a desk or table with custom legs is about as easy as it can get, especially if you’re planning on using a prefinished tabletop. Other popular options include upcycling an old or current desk/table that could use a simple glow up, or even a door!
semi exact

Step 1:
Measure out your legs

Flip your tabletop drill side up, flat on the ground. You may want to try different arrangements of your legs: flush with the edge of the table, or perhaps a little bit in from the edge. Using a tape measure (ruler works too), mark the placement of the legs so that they are evenly spaced on each side.

semi exact

Step 2:
Attach your legs

Once you’ve established the placement of your legs, you can attach them by driving screws straight through the slots with a drill/driver. This was an easy solo endeavor for us, but if you’re a little nervous, you can have an extra set of hands hold the legs in place while you drill. Double-check to make sure all the screws are secured and that there is no wiggle in your legs.

semi exact

Step 3:
Admire your handiwork

Flip your table over and…you’re done. That’s it. Literally. In a matter of minutes, you now have a custom table, just the way you wanted!

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