We Are All Built to Create.

At Semi Exact, we believe that anyone can create high-quality furniture. We make the experience easier by bringing together carefully crafted furniture components and a supportive maker community.

Here, you'll find durable recycled table legs and furniture bases, steel shelf brackets and other furniture essentials. You can uncover design ideas and inspiration, as well as tools and guidance to help you along the way.

We're creating a new category in the consumer goods market that changes the way people think about making, purchasing, and enjoying furniture. We believe there's a better path forward for furniture, one that's rooted in quality and a core desire to create.

Our Philosophy

It means more when you make it. Whether that’s dinner, a coffee table, or a personalized desk that you are making for your daughter or son as they begin school.

We think that furniture can be well made and well designed, cost-conscious and planet-conscious, easy to order and easy to treasure year after year. In line with this philosophy, we look to three simple truths to bring unique designs and furniture pieces to market.

Semi Exact Hairpin Leg Table

ONE. Enduring Quality. Everlasting Meaning.

Did you know that nine million tons of furniture go into landfills every year? We didn't either. Our products are designed to last a lifetime, with a focus on reusable elements that can be updated, reused, repurposed, and ultimately, recycled.



A-Frame Tube Steel Table Legs

TWO. Everyone Can Create.

Our furniture components are made to fit all levels of skill and experience, and work well with simple tools and materials. We take care of the heavy lifting (for example, forming steel and welding), so you can focus on the creative details. With a wide range of sizes, colors, and finishes, you can craft furniture just the way you want it.



THREE. Ready to Make.

Many retailers offer “Ready to Assemble” options that end up looking pretty much the same. We provide components that we call “Ready to Make.” With Ready to Make, you can cut, sand, stain, add, or subtract to create furniture that's truly your own.



Bringing a Bold Vision to Life

Like any big idea, we have a ways to go. Our desire is to change the way people think about furniture, while elevating the meaning behind furniture pieces.

When you create something with meaning, it becomes more than an object. It becomes a story, or a memory. It's a weekend spent working on something for someone you love. It's sitting down to a table you made with friends. It's taking something you found and making it new again, or turning your craft into a business.

Here at Semi Exact, we want to help people fill their homes and lives with stories and memories. We want to make it meaningful.

We are Semi Exact.

And we are happy to share this space with you.

Let's make something together.