IKEA Table Build with Bell-Shape Legs

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Bell Shape Table & Bench Leg


Bell Shape Table & Bench Leg Get The Product


Tape measure
  • 2 – Bell-Shape Table & Bench Legs, in desired height and finish (we used 28" x 24" in white)
  • 1 – Tabletop
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Drill/driver and bit
  • Pencil
  • 16 – Screws (we used hex head screws)

Soo Moon

I really love the idea of keeping a little bit of history with your furniture: to use components of something old but making it feel contemporary by adding something simple and modern. Maybe it’s a desk that’s been in the family, or a few planks from your first home, but anything can become an heirloom!

Also, I’m mostly a behind-the-scenes type, so if you see me make a cameo, please know I was coerced, guilt-tripped, and/or heavily bribed.
Sometimes all you need is something simple and practical to personalize your space. Our Bell-Shape Table and Bench Legs make it easy to transform a premade tabletop into a special piece of furniture.
semi exact

Step 1:
Position the legs

Lay your tabletop on the ground, drill side up. You can mess around with the placement of your legs to be closer or further apart (you just want it stable enough so it won't tip over if there’s too much weight on one side). Use a tape measure or ruler to place your legs, and mark each slot with a pencil.

semi exact

Step 2:
Drive those screws in

With your leg placement established, drive the screws straight down through each leg slot (you can have a helper hold down the legs while you drill, but we didn't find that necessary). Once all the screws have been driven in, check for any wiggle jiggle in the legs.

semi exact

Step 3:
Start using your new table

Have a buddy help you flip the table over (or beast it yourself) and admire your work!

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