Hairpin Shelf Brackets (Sold as Pair)

by semi exact


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A-Frame Tube Steel Table Leg - Product Specifications - Semi Exact

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  • How much weight can my Hairpin Shelf Brackets hold?
  • When will I receive my product?

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Assembly Instructions

Depending upon your wall surface, you can use a stud finder to mount your Hairpin Shelf Brackets to your wall studs, and/or use appropriate wall anchors or screws (i.e., drywall, masonry, concrete).

  • Determine where you’d like to hang your shelf brackets. Ideally, you’ll want to center your brackets over wall studs, or you can use wall anchors.
  • Position your bracket vertically using a level.
  • Drill through the bracket holes into your wall stud or wall anchors.
  • Align brackets horizontally. Repeat for each bracket.
  • Check that your brackets are secure and slide your shelf through the brackets.

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Large Orders:

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  • Raw Steel: 3 business days after order is placed
  • Powder Coated: 3 business days after order is placed

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Elevate Your Everyday.

With clean lines and a timeless hairpin curve, these simple shelf brackets make it easy to maximize your space and style. Add interest to any wall in minutes, with just a few basic tools.

You can mix and match colors, or spray-paint raw steel brackets for any color you like. Raw steel adds an instant industrial vibe, while bright powder coat finishes make things feel fun and colorful. 

These versatile Hairpin Shelf Brackets can be hung two different ways. Slide your shelf through your brackets, or turn the bracket orientation over to rest your shelf on top. Whether you're looking to organize books, dinnerware, or playroom toys, these shelf brackets can be used in small or large areas.

Flexible Storage Solutions

Hairpin Shelf Brackets are available in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find solutions for shelves ranging from 6" to 29" in depth.

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