Teak Bed - Exclusive Hairpin Legs

Teak Bed Hairpin Style Legs

A New Design. A Sustainable Approach.

Ben Uyeda has been experimenting with sustainably grown teak recently and this is the first of potentially many new design ideas to come. We worked with Ben on a simple, yet stout, hairpin leg prototype that would match the look and feel of this bed frame that can be built with just 4 basic tools to make this bed.

This lumber was harvested from trees that were just 10-12 years old! It doesn’t quite have the grain density that old growth does, but it provides a lower cost and is more sustainable. We agree with Ben, that these aspects make it a better material than older growth wood.

Ben is working on some flat pack furniture designs that can be made on the farms that grow the trees. His DIY habits of using a minimal amount of tools has proven helpful in keeping manufacturing costs low.

We worked with Ben to create a heavy duty hairpin leg that reinforces the corners of the bed frame which makes it super sturdy while keeping it easy to make.

These legs are made out of recycled steel here in the US.


Want to learn more about this bed design and the prototype hairpin legs?