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What you need to know

Why make finishing complicated?? We make Simple Finish out of the highest quality, plant based ingredients for a safe and sustainable solution for making your woodworking / furniture projects stand out. Wipe on, let it soak and wipe off the excess.. it’s that easy!

Simple Finish is a high quality oil & wax blend that enhances that natural beauty of the wood you use. The oil soaks in and adds a rich warm tone to your wood making the grain POP, while the wax layer that builds helps protect your project while maintaining the actual feel of the wood.

Application Instructions

-Simple Finish can be wiped or sprayed on. But the easiest method is wiping.

-We recommend using an old (but clean) t-shirt or rag to wipe on a liberal coat. Let the oil penetrate for 10-20 minutes (it depends on your environment), then wipe on another coat. You'll see it soaking in. After another 10-20 minutes, use some shop towels (the blue ones) to wipe off any excess oil that has not absorbed into the wood.

-A day or two later, wipe on another coat (just one this time), again waiting 10-15 minutes before wiping off the excess oil.

-You can stop there, but if you like, you can continue to apply additional coats the same way after another few days have passed. Subsequent coats should use considerably less oil as the wood becomes "less thirsty".

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