Ready to Make Furniture is Here

DIY Furniture Is Easier Than You Think with Ready-to-Make Furniture Components

With Ready-to-Make furniture, you don't need to overcome a steep learning curve or invest in a shop full of tools. Start wherever you are today, and go from there. With a bit of time, creativity, and elbow grease, it's easy to build a DIY table, desk, bed, or other piece of furniture. Unlike traditional furniture or ready-to-assemble pieces, Ready-to-Make furniture is designed to fit your preferences and evolve with your needs over time.


At Semi Exact, we’re creating a new category of furniture, one that we call "Ready to Make." 

Ready-to-Make furniture is the next step in helping anyone make their own furniture. It's an invitation to make something lasting and authentically yours. With Ready-to-Make furniture components, you don't need a lot of tools or expertise. You just need a desire to create.

Our job is to support and celebrate you, the maker. We're creating a platform to make it easier than ever before to say "I made it."

Introducing a New Category of Furniture DIY

Most people are familiar with traditional furniture, ready-to-assemble furniture, and DIY furniture. The missing category is Ready to Make.

  • Traditional Furniture: Fully assembled furniture that allows minimal customization such as selecting your finish or fabric
  • Ready-to-Assemble Furniture: IKEA-type furniture that you assemble yourself
  • DIY Furniture: A blank slate for creating furniture, limited by your level of experience and expertise
  • Ready to Make: Professionally designed and manufactured furniture components, ready to personalize however you like

Ready to Make furniture takes the pros of existing approaches, and adds in simplicity and flexibility. With Ready to Make, you get professionally designed, engineered, and crafted furniture components that you can personalize to meet any budget or skill level. Ready to Make levels the playing field so anyone can create their own furniture.

How We Got Here

Fixer uppers have Home Depot. DIY crafters have Michael's and JOANN Fabrics. We are Semi Exact.

Today is the age of DIY and personalization. On-demand kits and the ability to customize are rising like never before. Think Nike by You shoes, Trek's Project One bikes, cooking classes, kits … Semi Exact fills the void in the furniture-making space.

DIY-minded consumers are pulling retailers forward. We recognized the pattern, the need, and brought Semi Exact to life. Ready-to-Make furniture upends that idea that you need to buy expensive furniture, or that DIY furniture can't be easy or enjoyable.

Semi Exact & the Factory of the Future

Visit our factory in Minden, Nevada, and you'll see a desire to bring DIY makers, customers, and on-demand production into the manufacturing fold.

The factory of the future is something that University of Michigan Professor Emeritus Yoram Koren has discussed at length. Read more about his vision here. For manufacturing affectionados or, if you're interested in our approach … read on. Otherwise, skip to the next section.

The pull from consumers is driving mass personalization, which is causing Koren's idea of the factory of the future to come to life. Add in dramatic global supply chain issues, on-demand pressures, the pandemic and more, and we end up pulling reshoring of manufacturing forward. Manufacturing has to be built in a new way to support new, real-time consumer demands. Yikes! Big challenge.

At Semi Exact, our focus is on building reconfigurable manufacturing cells, not inventory. This approach allows us to bypass the need for a manufacturing resource planning system that would cost upwards of a million dollars. At Semi Exact, we use Airtable in an open and connected manner, to tie into our e-commerce orders and push production through our cells. If there are more orders one day for a certain product type or size, we have the ability to adjust our daily production plan to support that.

We won't give away all of our production secrets just yet, but we will say that the off-the-shelf tools from Shopify to ShipStation to Airtable allow us infinitely more variations than our competitors. The result is higher quality, faster, and better prices for USA-made steel furniture components. Even with the volatility of today's global supply chain, we're able to produce and ship products quickly. Delays, if any, are days or weeks, rather than months.

Ready to Get Started?

With Semi Exact, you don't need to know CAD, metal bending, welding, or powder coating to give your furniture enduring strength and style. All you need is a little creativity and the desire to create.

Ready to get started? Browse our Ready-to-Make legs, shelving, and bed brackets and start your project today.

We're Just Getting Started

We have come a long way and have a long way to go. We continue to get requests for new products, ready to make kits with wood, leather, textiles, cushions, and more. We look forward to you joining us on the journey ahead!

Ready to Make Furniture is Here

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