Hairpin Legs

by semi exact


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Product Specs


Measure twice, cut once. We provide our specs right up front so you have the details you need to plan your build. 

For Hairpin Legs, we offer two thicknesses of the metal rod: 3/8" (standard) and 1/2" (heavy-duty). 

Standard (3/8" diameter)
A-Frame Tube Steel Table Leg - Product Specifications - Semi Exact

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Heavy-duty (1/2" Diameter)
A-Frame Tube Steel Table Leg - Product Specifications - Semi Exact

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Product Details & Care

Clear & Color Powder Coats

Our powder-coat finishes are scratch-resistant and rust-proof, so they don't need much care. Just be sure to touch up any exposed steel if you happen to drag them across rough surfaces, such as pavers, or scrape them with something sharp.

Raw Steel Care

Raw steel arrives with a thin layer of residue to protect it from rust while in transit. Sealing your raw steel with wax, paint, or a clear coat will keep it looking its best (or you can let it develop a natural rusted patina).

  • Raw steel legs ship with wax for sealing
  • Apply a rust-inhibitive clear coat rather than wax if using outdoors
  • Sprayed finishes work best for paint or clear coat (use products that are suitable for metal)

Build Inspiration

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  • How much weight can my Hairpin Legs hold?
  • When will I receive my product?

Find our FAQs at the bottom of the page, click here.

Assembly Instructions

You can attach your Hairpin Legs with just a few simple tools. With preformed holes, they're easy to attach. Here are a few basic steps to help you get started.

  • Turn your surface upside down and use a tape measure to position your Hairpin Legs.
  • Mark each base plate hole with a pencil, and remove the Hairpin Legs.
  • Pre-drill a pilot hole over each pencil mark. (Pre-drilling makes things easier and helps avoid damaging your surface material. Marking your drill bit with a piece of tape will help ensure you don't drill too far.)
  • Reposition your Hairpin Legs, and drive your screws/fasteners through the base plate holes into your surface.
  • Confirm the Hairpin Legs are securely attached, then turn your project right side up. (Having someone help you lift larger projects will keep screws/fasteners from pulling away from your surface material.)

Shipping & Returns


We do our best to keep shipping costs economical for our customers. We've negotiated rates with FedEx and pass those savings on to you. Depending on which item you purchase, and how many, they will ship via FedEx Ground delivery. You have the option at checkout to select faster shipping times. Note, selecting a faster shipping time doesn't change the lead times listed below.

Large Orders:

Large orders can ship via LTL or Truckload. Contact us directly if you are planning on ordering a large volume (think multiple pallets of product). 

Lead Times:

  • Raw Steel Hairpin Legs ship approximately 1-2 business days after your order is placed. 
  • Powder Coated Hairpin Legs ship approximately 3-5 days after your order is placed.

Return Policy

All items are able to be returned within 90 days from your order as long as they are in new condition. We also accept returns for workmanship defects within the lifetime of the product. Learn about our warranty here.

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