The Box Frame Bed

by semi exact


Jet Black Satin

Each order comes with 4 precision manufactured corner pieces in the finish of your choosing, 2 headboard brackets, and 2 small center support brackets.

Wood and screws not included, cut list provided below.

Now shipping approximately 5-7 business days after your order is placed.

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Product Specs


Measure twice, cut once. We provide our specs right up front so you have the details you need to plan your build. If you have any questions about what size you should choose, just drop us a note.

Box Bed Frame - Product Specifications - Semi Exact

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Product Details & Care

Color Powder Coats

Our powder-coat finishes are scratch-resistant and rust-proof, so they don't need much care. Just be sure to touch up any exposed steel if you happen to scrape them with something sharp.

Build Inspiration

Be on the lookout for tutorials coming in hot!


  • How much weight can my Box Frame Bed hold?
  • When will I receive my product?

Find our FAQs at the bottom of the page, click here.

Assembly Instructions

You can build your bed with just a few simple tools, one sheet of plywood, and a few standard pieces of lumber.


Create a strong, sturdy bed frame with our solid steel brackets.

  • Cut wood to size, or purchase pre-cut (see cut list above). Sand lightly and remove dust. Apply finish, if desired, and let dry.
  • Set the four Box Frame Bed Brackets out, and begin by assembling the frame. Insert the two longer lengths (sides) into the brackets first, flush against the bracket corners. Then add the shorter head and foot pieces between the two side pieces, and secure with screws.
  • Add 2x4 rails to support the slats. Place rails on the inside of the brackets, flush with the bottom of the frame, and attach to the frame with screws.
  • For full-size through king-size beds, be sure to use a center support. Screw the center support brackets to the ends of the center support beam. Measure to find the midpoint of the width of the frame. Attach the center support beam to the inside 2x4s so that the top of the center support beam is flush with the rails.
  • Lay the slats across the rails, starting with the head and foot ends, so the first and last slats overlap the rails. Space the remaining slats evenly, and secure the slats to the rails with a screw at each end.
  • Slot in the assembled headboard bracket, slide the headboard in, and hand tighten the knob.
  • Add your mattress on top of the slats, and enjoy your new bed!

Shipping & Returns


We do our best to keep shipping costs economical for our customers. We've negotiated rates with FedEx and pass those savings on to you. Depending on which item you purchase, and how many, they will ship via FedEx Ground delivery. You have the option at checkout to select faster shipping times. Note, selecting a faster shipping time doesn't change the lead time listed below.

Large Orders:

Large orders can ship via LTL or Truckload. Contact us directly if you are planning on ordering a large volume (think multiple pallets of product). 

Lead Time:

Now shipping approximately 5-7 business days after your order is placed.

Return Policy

All items are able to be returned within 90 days from your order as long as they are in new condition. We also accept returns for workmanship defects within the lifetime of the product. Learn about our warranty here.

The Box Frame Bed. Build it – Here’s How.

Step-by-step video instructions below! Assembly is as easy as 1-2-3.
The Box Frame Bed. Build it – Here’s How.

Frame It Out.

Arrange the four corners, and frame it out.
Frame It Out.

Attach Your Planks.

Fasten your side planks to the four corners.
Attach Your Planks.

Add 2x4 Rails

Length to length and width to width. Arrange and fasten the 2x4 supports.
Add 2x4 Rails


Lay slats over the 2x4 rails, and voilà! If you choose to attach a headboard, slide assembled bracket into top of bed, slot in the headboard, and hand tighten the knob. Time to grab that mattress!

Precise Joint. Simple and Fun to Make.

Have you ever tried to make a wooden chair or a table? What's hard is getting the pieces to stay together under a load. You either need to have some really hard wood and strong joinery skills, or you need to beef up the lumber and use lots and lots of screws and glue to Frankenstein it all together. (See everyone’s first woodworking project :)

But what if we made the metal do the heavy lifting and you focused on the clean lines, the lumber species, the grain pattern? Instead of dropping a few hundred on new tools, what if you designed within the constraints most of us have, a small saw and a drill, or a way to get to Home Depot with a cut list?

That's how we approach our metal product designs. We make, so you can make it.

Most of us don't have time to learn how to make a castle joint from walnut that might end up as a $600 mistake. But we can take some walnut or birch plywood and make some pretty amazing beds with a little help from these Box Frame Bed metal corner legs.

Ready to Make – A Bed for Life.

Life changes, as if we needed a reminder. Whether it's kids getting bigger or moving to a bigger / smaller space, your furniture needs flexibility and durability. 

Our Box Frame Bed brackets are ready for all the sizes, and all the moves.

Do all the cutting and making yourself, or take our cut list to your local home improvement shop. Assemble in under two hours. It’s that easy.

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